International Supply Chain

Specialized in international shipping


International shipments by air, land and sea.

We provide the experience and skills of the best professionals in the international shipping sector to ensure the entire management of the supply chain.

Focus on the product

We start from the study of the physical and economic characteristics and product specifications of the goods we transport, in order to provide a specific and optimized service for each type of product.

Trusted partner

We propose ourselves as single interlocutor in tune with the company, thus ensuring a simplified communication process between the various players involved in the customer’s import/export process.

International network

The best possible service in every part of the world thanks to a specialized Network.

Consulting support

Experience, knowledge and pragmatism put at the service of the customer, who is guided through new obstacles and difficult choices.

One stop shop solutions

A complete service at competitive costs, combining distribution capacity with an expert management of international transport and a deep knowledge of the rules governing international trade.

Our services


Customized shipments for any product sector.

Regardless of the type of product, Number1 International is able to propose integrated logistic solutions capable of supporting the needs of the most complex supply chains.





Food & Beverage

Oil & Gas

Printing Materials


Power & Energy

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